Celebrating 25 years in business!

Here at Acrylic Design, our reputation has been built on over 25 years experience designing & manufacturing innovative, quality point of sale displays. We work with our clients delivering on our promise of quality, on-spec, on-budget, & importantly on-time solutions that set us apart from our competitors.

This month, we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary in business, and to help you celebrate with us, we’re giving you our valued customers tokens in varying amounts to spend with us as you see fit.

As with anything, there’s a few terms & conditions – no dodgy stuff! :-)

  • Each token has a face value
  • Only 1 token can be redeemed per order
  • The token you choose to use must be sent back with your order to be deemed effective
  • Tokens are only valid on 30-day accounts or C.O.D. customers; accounts must be in good standing, & over-due accounts may not participate in this promotion

and most importantly:

to avail of your tokens, simply order a CD catalogue online which you can do by clicking here.

We’ve constantly invested in cutting edge technology in every aspect of our business to provide our cutomers with best in-class in-house design, prototyping & production services.

For more information on this, please call Helen on our switch on 01-8026480!

We’re now LIVE on Google+

That’s right, we’re now available on Google+. We can be reached using this super handy URL:


In our industry w’re leading the way on social media, establishing our presences, using them to interact with our customers, becoming part of their conversations, & becoming more integral to their sales plans by making sure we’re available to be part of the conversation in any & every way our customers need us to be.

New QR code service

We’re proud to announce a FIRST for our industry. We now offer a QR code service to our customers. We can create QR codes to place into the artwork,create QR code labels for your display stands as decals, & in certain cases, we can even laser etch the QR code into custom pieces to either generate a piece of text, a call, or a website pop to your customer from their Android, Blackberry, iOS or Windows mobile devices.

Yet again, we’re pushing the boundaries using the latest technology to help bring our customers and their customers closer together in-store, at sales point using traiditonal point of sale display systems.

Call us today & ask for Paul Jr, who will be delighted to discuss how we can use this technology in your display systems!

Acrylic Design joins the blogosphere

It’s official, Acrylic Design has joined the blogosphere! Thanks to our new in-house webteam, we have taken the next step. In this blog we will be showcasing some of our own in-house pet projects, some of our more interesting customer projects as well as giving our views on things like the Purchasing Managers Index, issues facing our industry & the design industry as a whole, amongst other things.

We have also recently launched our Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn pages, with a Flickr account coming on stream soon – so please be sure to follow/subscribe/like/thumbs up, as we will be posting various sales promotions through these channels!

Thanks for stopping by & stay classy Internet!

- Acrylic DesignSales Team