We’re now LIVE on Google+

That’s right, we’re now available on Google+. We can be reached using this super handy URL:


In our industry w’re leading the way on social media, establishing our presences, using them to interact with our customers, becoming part of their conversations, & becoming more integral to their sales plans by making sure we’re available to be part of the conversation in any & every way our customers need us to be.

Acrylic Design joins the blogosphere

It’s official, Acrylic Design has joined the blogosphere! Thanks to our new in-house webteam, we have taken the next step. In this blog we will be showcasing some of our own in-house pet projects, some of our more interesting customer projects as well as giving our views on things like the Purchasing Managers Index, issues facing our industry & the design industry as a whole, amongst other things.

We have also recently launched our Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn pages, with a Flickr account coming on stream soon – so please be sure to follow/subscribe/like/thumbs up, as we will be posting various sales promotions through these channels!

Thanks for stopping by & stay classy Internet!

- Acrylic DesignSales Team